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A club has been founded in September 2006 to establish the Sicilian breeds here in Germany. We want to find more friends for these highly endangered breeds, the Sicilian from Italy and the Sicilian Buttercup. While both have the same ancestors, 150 years of separation have resulted in distinct differences between the two, and our club aims at keeping both of them pure and wants to stick to the standards of their home countries. We regard the Buttercup as an American/English breed.

In the past, two attempts have been made to establish the Buttercup here in Germany, one in the 1920s and one about twenty years ago. Both times birds were imported from England. Unfortunately, these lines didn't last very long.

As far as we know, there haven't been any Sicilians from Italy in this country before. The available German and English literature speaks of them, but only as a legend or rumour, none of these authors had ever seen them or knew whether any still existed. On the other hand, Italian authors of old had rarely seen a Sicilian Buttercup, and information was scarce, so a few errors can be found in Italian sources, too.

On this website, we plan to give you a short history of both breeds, explain the differences between them and, above all, praise their virtues of course! Until our English version is finished, we would like to offer you a few photos, hoping to make you interested and curious enough to return to this site soon. See you!

cockerel of the Siciliana collo oro
(golden duckwing Sicilian)
from Palermo, Sicily


Siciliana collo oro (Golden Duckwing Sicilian)
cock at the European show at Leipzig, 2006
breeder: Marino Morosini, Italy
Earlobes should be red in the Italian breed


pair of Siciliana / Sicilians from Palermo, Sicily
Proud and upright in carriage of head and tail


another pair roaming the garden - Sicilians are active
and need some space to feel happy

Sicilian Buttercups


pair of Golden Sicilian Buttercups
from England
This breed is heavier and has rich saddle and
hackle feathers and sickles,
its shape is more elegant

The American standards wants earlobes to be white


Golden Sicilian Buttercup hen
of English origin


Küken der Sicilian ButtercupsKüken der goldhalsigen Sizilianer

The first picture shows a Buttercup chick - the second: a Sicilian chick
not only colour and size are different: compare the faces, beaks and markings
Buttercup chicks are much, much slower in development!
Sicilian chicks are extremely active, males starting to crow at the very early age of four weeks!


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